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Fox News - Republican 2008 Primary Debates

I was responsible for the full setup and operation for the Soft-LED backdrop for several of these debates. I worked with the onsite production and house union crews to ensure the system was properly assembled and running in a timely manner. Additionally I created and ran the content for the filming period on a Panorama media server. The production of these debates took place over 2 days, day one for setup and day two for the debate and tear down. The Image shown below is from the October 21, 2007 debate held at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, FL. All debates used the same staging as shown below with small adjustments made to fit the space and number of participants. The drapes were hung in a manner that created small open coves at center; this allowed cameras to be placed behind them to obtain shots of the moderators and audience reaction. Fox News Primary Debates 2008












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