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Disney's El Capitan Theatre - Hollywood, CA

Custom LED curtain show installation

This large project utilized Acclaim's X-Bubble (White & RGB) LEDs, PCBs and PSUs with additional fiber optic lighting attached to a vinyl utility drape. This drape was mounted behind a filled leno scrim with printed artwork. Both drapes were stretched into a 35'x55' steel truss frame created by The Scenic Route which was rigged to the theatre's automated fly system. For this project I designed and oversaw the complete installation of the LED and fiber optic systems and their integration into the existing artwork and frames. I custom mapped each of the LEDs individually to a special panorama unit that acted as a simple video processor so that any video source could be used to drive the LEDs and no additional programming would be required. Below is more information regarding the build and final product.

Construction Process

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Custom LED Installation

The video to the left is 3 weeks worth of timelapse footage of the construction of LED liner drapes. All of the LEDs, wiring, and fiber optic points were attached to these vinyl liners which were printed to match the filled leno drapes, this allowed the drapes to be easily lined up way when they were hung together in the space. Using the construction drawings and the original artwork for the drape I modified the final print so that the LED placements and basic wiring were printed directly to the liner. The LEDs then just simply needed to be placed on the corresponding colored dots, white LEDs on white dots and RGB LEDs on red dots. By doing all of this layout work in advance not only was the actual construction process sped up but all of the LED mapping for the video signal could be done weeks in advance of the drapes completion.


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El Capitan Theatre - Custom LED Installation Details

30' tall by 55' wide

5,394 white LEDs

2,600 RGB LEDs

7,000 points of fiber

Over 6 miles of wire

Artwork printed on a filled leno scrim

All electronics and fiber are attached to a second liner

Unit is attached to a winch driven batten

Approximate total weight 1,636 lb.

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2 Universes of DMX

1 Video input

Other Details

Part of the Theatre Pre-Show Experience

Went live June 27th at the movie premier of Disney/Pixar's WALL-E



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