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Panorama Digital Scenery Media Server

The Panorama Digital Scenery Media Server was created by myself and Jeff Brown. The idea behind it was to provide a media server for users who couldn't afford a Hippo, Maxedia, Catalyst, etc... It was built to be a reliable and affordable piece of technology, which strived to provide a simple turnkey solution for the integration of video into theatre and live events. I worked towards the development and design of the media server line from May 2006 to June 2008 while employed at Rose Brand.

Panorama was discontinued by Rose Brand in 2010.


You may click here to view a cached version of the old Panorama website (Original site design by AjD)


I will still build custom BlueKaos media servers on a project to project basis.

Additionally I am working on a how to build your own BlueKaos DMX media server guide.








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