Adam j

Into the Garden


Directed by:

Peter Harrits


Hamline University Theatre




Technical Director & Scenic Designer


Into the Garden was an experimental one act show that was developed by the cast throughout the rehearsal process. The rehearsal work was based on a series of storyboards created by the director. The development of the show took 5 of the 8 weeks of the rehearsal process and because of the constantly changing final product the actual show design could not be finalized until the developmental process was completed. I could see that this was going to be a very short period of time, so the scenic design was made to be very flexible. Pieces that could be fabricated quickly, and used in multiple ways were used to support the director’s concept and meet production and budget restrictions. Shown below are the original concept storyboards by the director and the final execution of the scene.

Technical Information:

The main material used in this production was high density block Styrofoam, factory cut in 2’x2’ squares. The blocks were then covered in glue and tobacco cloth to increase their strength so they could take heavy abuse and hold 200 lbs. without being damaged. Other materials used included: a 10’ rolling staircase from the scene shop, cardboard for shadow puppets which were projected onto a 10’x10’ screen, various strips of in stock fabrics to represent the earth and rivers, and a sonatube tree that was pulled from stock and modified with the addition of another branch to make it look like a cross.

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