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Noises Off! Set Strike

The set strike for Noises Off! was organized and run as such: The cast and a group of volunteers were split into three crews, each crew consisted of about 7 people, and was led by a senior member of the shop staff.  Each crew was assigned a list of tasks to complete independently, documentation of the crew task lists and the strike progress can be seen below. The photos shown were taken every 30 minutes. The stage was clean, mopped, and the strike was completed 45 minutes after the last photo shown, for a complete tear down time of 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Crew 1 list.

  1. Remove paneling from the front of #3 (Stage Left Wagon)
  2. Unscrew from door frame
  3. Remove fabric on the bottom of the back (for access to screws)
  4. Remove big wall – take apart
  5. Roll platform upstage out of way
  6. Remove door and door frame
  7. Take off all other facing, trim, railings, carpet etc…
  8. Remove stairs and platform
  9. Flip all platforms over de-leg and remove casters
  10. Move everything to its respective cart or place in the shop
  11. Move to #2 and pick up work with crew



Crew 2 list.
{Center Stage Wagon} 2nd Floor

  1. Remove the deer (put it someplace safe!)
  2. Remove top trim
  3. Remove doors
  4. Remove back braces
  5. Remove paneling from flat and take down
  6. Remove Hollywood flats (don’t take them apart!)
  7. Remove front and back railings
  8. Remove back stair case (for wall access)
  9. Remove 1x1 side flats
  10. Remove brick wall – take apart

{Center Stage Wagon} 1st Floor

  1. Remove mid-level trim
  2. Remove all doors and window
  3. Remove all paneling
  4. Remove Luan from front and door/window frames (note seams are held in back by 1x3)
  5. Remove truss top
  6. Remove truss addition
  7. Remove front stairs
  8. Remove 4’ platforms and de-leg
  9. Remove clamps and cross-bracing
  10. Unscrew truss feet and take down and apart
  11. Remove other two platforms de-leg
  12. Unhook revolve pieces flip over - remove casters
  13. Remove Luan and nails from floor



Crew 3 list.

  1. Remove all of the furniture, shelving, pictures and props (put them where ever Cindy {props mistress} wants)
  2. Remove #1 (Stage Right Wagon) roll it into the scene shop and disassemble
  3. Remove window backdrop/plants and other masking
  4. Remove facing on the front of #2
  5. Assist crews 1&2 by carrying things to the shop and helping to disassemble large pieces


0 MinutesTime: 0 Minutes

30 MinutesTime: 30 Minutes
60 MinutesTime: 60 Minutes
90 MinutesTime: 90 Minutes

120 MinutesTime: 120 Minutes

150 MinutesTime: 150 Minutes


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