Adam j

Noises Off!


Directed by:

Greg Vanselow


Hamline University Theatre




Technical Director

Show Strike




Noises Off! is a show that presents some standard problems. First, a two story set with lots of doors that can be seen from both front and back for the different acts. Second, your set needs to be sturdy enough to handle all of the mayhem that takes place without shaking and breaking to pieces and third, you need to come up with a low cost and easy way to manage these problems within an eight week confine. 

Technical Information:

The set for this piece was built onto three different wagons, the center island consisted of 15, 4’x8’ platforms mounted on casters set at 90 degrees to a center pivot. The second level was built off of a 4’x16’ steel truss which was raised 8’ on uni-strut legs with uni-strut cross bracing. The stage left wagon was built on 2 4’x8’ platforms with a 4’x6’ platform raised 4’ in the center with stairs on both sides which formed the landing for main staircase. The stage right wagon was just a single 4’x8’ platform with 2 4’ sections of the 16’ wall and a single door. Both wagons were held into place by a series of casket locks and custom large bolt hinges, this allowed them to pull back and be able switch places while the center island rotated 180 degrees.

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