Adam j

All's Well that Ends Well


Directed by:

Scott Rubsam


Hamline University Theatre




Master Carpenter & Co-Scenic Designer


The director’s concept was to set this show in the mid 1940’s. He wanted the overall look of the show to be cold, rigid, and artificial. He was very open to most ideas on scenic elements as long as they matched and supported his concept. He only stipulated that all scene changes were to be done by the cast and that all changes were to be done in sight of the audience with minimal disruption to the flow of the show. A unit set was used that was able to modulate into several different settings with variable elements that were all consistent with the original concept.

Technical Information:

The entire frame and gates were built in modular pieces out of 1’x’1’ 18 ga. square steel tubing with a finish size of 35’ 6”x 20’ for the frame and a finish size of 12’x12’ for the gates. The island in the second act was two separate pieces custom built out of 2’x4’ and plywood, that rolled on and were held together by casket locks. The changes for this show as mentioned before were done entirely by the cast so temporary gates had to be built out of flats for the actors to practice with, prior to the actual gates completion.

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