Adam j

Into the Woods


Directed by:

Barbe Marshall


Hamline University Theatre




Technical Director


- coming soon

Low-cost long-throw pneumatic cylinders

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Hand powered winch

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This show is another large scale musical that has limitless possibilities.  For this production the director wanted to focus on the fairy tale aspect (or the non-reality) of the show with her concept, so things could be big and over the top with a lot of spectacle and stage magic.  She was very forward about the things she wanted and needed for the show, such as trees with places to peek through, and that the Milky-White (cow) was to be played by person.  With her initial requests aside she was very excited to collaborate on the overall appearance of the show.   This led to the decision of the set being one large unit based around a revolve, with smaller units that could be added or changed to create the different settings.

Technical Information:

The entire stage was raised 9” with 4’x8’ platforms around a 20’ hand driven revolve at center stage.  The three main sets of trees were made of luan covered with cheesecloth and braced with 1”x3”.  In height the trees were 26’ tall at the proscenium, 20’ at center right and left, and 28’ on a traveler.  The third set of trees being on the traveler were able to open and close to reveal Jack’s house/Rupunzel’s tower, and to create a different spaces for the woods.  The smaller scenic units consisted of the three wagons upon which the houses were set.  All three of the wagons were powered by low-cost long-throw pneumatic cylinders, made of PVC pipe.  The cylinders allowed the wagons to perform precise timed movements with minimal effort at minimal costs.  This production also utilized flashpots built in house for magic effects.

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