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The Skin of Our Teeth


Directed by:

William Kimes


Hamline University Theatre




Master Carpenter & Co-Scenic Designer


This show marked the final direction project for Dr. William Kimes at Hamline University. Special casting was done to include both students and alumni from the past 38 years of his career. Because of the casting special accommodations had to be made for some of the alumni (such as wheelchair access to the set). The show is set in the home of the Antrobus’s and on a boardwalk, which for this production was to resemble 1950’s Atlantic City. The third act also calls for the complete destruction and resurrection Antrobus’s house before the audience’s very eyes. For this production a multi-media approach was also used for the introductions of the acts and throughout the second act for the convention of the mammals.

Technical Information:

The full set consisted of a unit of 4 4’x8’ platforms raised up 2’ on a series of casters set at 90 degrees to a pivot on the stage left end, which allowed the unit to swing in to create a different dimension between Acts I & III and Act II. All other parts such as the window seat, staircases, boardwalk stands, and the tree and door were mounted on separate wagons which allowed them to be moved in and out easily. All of the projections were run through a laptop and shot onto the cyc. from 12’ behind with a video projector.

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