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The King Stag


Directed by:

Evan Yionoulis


Yale Repertory Theatre




Asst. Technical Director

Construction Draftings

Dippy's Milkshake Ride



This director’s adaption of The King Stag was still done as a comedy, but it gained a pseudo musical twist. The story no longer set in a regular kingdom, instead the scene moved to a kingdom filled with modern magic, the theme park of Serendippo Worldwide Inc. a multi-billion dollar entertainment conglomerate. This whimsical premise led to the creation of a very bright and colorful setting containing many flashing and moving scenic elements. Dippy’s Milkshake, the largest of the moving scenic elements was a unit that the director insisted upon having for her production. The Milkshake was an all out amusement park ride, video of it can be seen by clicking the link above. 

Technical Information:

In this production roughly one quarter of the existing stage floor was removed to make room for Dippy’s Milkshake and other trapdoors. The larger of the trap doors was a weighted pivoting 4’x 8’ cantilever, with a mirror on the bottom side. Behind the 18’ tall park gates which telescoped open and closed on the press of a button, there were additionally 6 sets of 8’x20’ hard panels. The panels were cable winch operated and changed positions to represent the different areas of the park. The 16’x17’cable driven rolling platform upstage, contained vent pockets to allow sudden fog flair ups to obscure various actions, such as the exploding sphinx pedestal. The Sphinx actually flipped over 180 degrees to hide the sculpture. The sphinx pedestal was a self contained air caster unit that had a portion dedicated to a Cremora fire effect. This fire effect was ultimately cut as the actor was far to close to the flame at the time of ignition

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