Adam j

Romeo & Juliet


Directed by:

Nick Avila


Yale School of Drama




Technical Director



This production was part or a series called Verse Projects.  These productions had small budgets of around $250 per dept. and this created the need to find and use recycled scenery.  The concept for this show was very stark and was referred to as “empty industrial” by the scenic designer and artistic team.  This overlying aesthetic played into having a sparse stage with exposed steel structures that could be easily scavenged from other productions.  A majority of the set was actually remnants of the slip stage that I designed for The King Stag.  The only items that I purchased for the production were paint for the deck and the steel that was used for the platform legs.

Technical Information:

This production was performed in reverse, on the front edge of the main stage was the set and upstage looking down was the audience placed on seating risers.  The main platform of Juliet’s room and balcony was a single section of the slip stage from The King Stag. The platform had 8’ legs made of 16ga. 1 ½” steel box tube, which was chosen because it provided enough structural rigidity to support the platform with minimal cross bracing.  A majority of the lateral support was provided by clamping an edge of the platform to the edge of the actual stage proscenium.   Other elements of this show included a very simple deck, a pre-built stock spiral staircase and a framed flat held up by a single stage brace.

Unfortunately due to damaged film used at the photo call, very few pictures of this production exist.

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