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Hedda Gabler


Directed by:

Christopher Carter Sanderson


Yale School of Drama




Technical Director

Construction Draftings




This was Mr. Sanderson’s final directorial project at the Yale School of Drama and as such he had a very clear production vision.  The key point he saw in the script and what the artistic team strived for in this show was a world that is closing in on Hedda.  To further the idea of the world closing in, the entire scene was designed to be very overbearing and angular.  All of outer walls were designed to be 24’ tall and lean in at a 25 degree angle; this was eventually reduced to 15 degrees to allow the set to be moved further onstage.  

Technical Information:

The outer walls were large frames built of 16 ga. 1 ½” steel box tube, skinned with luan in an attempt to minimize the weight.  Additionally most walls had 20’ tall cabinets built of 5/4”x6” mounted to the front of them.  The walls were built in two sections so there would only be one horizontal seam, which could be easily covered by crown molding.  The lower sections were 18’-8” tall and bolted to a header that was 5’-4”, creating the total wall height of 24'.  To create the proper leaning angle the walls were first fully assembled on the floor and raised on chain hoists to a 90 degree standing angle.  A pre-constructed 2”x4” trough was lag bolted to the floor behind them to keep the wall bases from sliding as they were then lowered forward.  After they reached the correct angle the walls were secured to the floor and the chain hoists were replaced with 3/16” steel cable attached to the grid.  The outer wall stage left was only 14’ tall and hung completely from the grid.  This was done to leave full wing clearance allowing a grand piano to be rolled on and off the stage throughout the performance.

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