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Safe In Hell


Directed by:

Mark Wing-Davey


Yale Repertory Theatre




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Safe in Hell is a dark comedy about the Salem witch trials and the events that led up to them. The scenic concept for the show was designed to be a match for the very dark theme, with plenty of twists, turns and magic in the form of moving scenery. 

Technical Information:

This was one of the most technically challenging productions that I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Beyond the following pictures the included CAD draftings (above link), contain summarizations of many of the technical details in an attempt to provide further insight to this productions complexity. The set contained 10 mechanically automated axis of motion and an additional 19 axis’s of motion controlled by stage hands. With a constantly changing landscape the scene shifts alone required their own set of drawings to insure that there would be no motion conflicts. The actual stage was raised 5 ½” to provide space for the 3 winch drive tracks that attached to the Pulpit, the SL Wagon, and the Big Unit, (which was on a 30’ curved track). Much of the original stage deck was also removed to create openings for the multiple hidden items such as footlights, 1 pneumatic lift, and 3 hydraulic ram driven lifts. The process from the start of build to the actual load-in for this production was equally as challenging, much of the set had to be assembled on stage because all of the scenery needed to be moved through the 8’ loading doors on the second story of the theater via a chain hoist.

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