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Welcome to the Learning section.

This section is under long term construction.

This page is the beginning of a larger planned online resource project.

All of the information presented here is intended to be aimed at young theater professionals. I plan on building each section through my blog in pieces that when completed will move to a permanent home here, (for now they will just be links). Currently I've started with creating an online portfolio and website, in the future I plan to add additional sections on theatrical rigging basics and media servers/video for the stage.

New items are posted as my schedule permits. If you would like to know the moment a post goes up you can follow me on Twitter, register as a user or subscribe to the RSS in the News/Blog section.

Links to the completed posts.

Where to start your online portfolio

Managing your online presence / Online Reputation Management (ORM) - part 1

Managing your online presence / Online Reputation Management (ORM) - part 2

Internet Common Sense - (ORM) - part 3

I've got a domain name - now what?

Building a website: cheap and fast

Building a website: good & cheap


Click here for resources, tutorials on site creation and examples of websites created by theatre professionals.


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