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Build your own or we'll custom build it for you at material cost + 20%

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What is it?

BlueKaos is a powerful and complete DMX media server solution capable of driving multiple projectors or video displays at an affordable price (most units can be built for less than $5,000). The server can run as a standalone device or be controlled from a lighting console with moving light capabilities.

BlueKaos can even be used in conjunction with older and less featured consoles. In this setup a 48 channel console (or greater) acts as a trigger for larger complex cues written in full fixture mode with the onboard DMX controller.

BlueKaos is built entirely out of easy to obtain commercially available parts and products. The units have additional (free to download) software which has been written specifically to tie everything together in a simple and easy to use manner.

BlueKaos Technical Specifications


Can I really build my own?

With the right skills, yes you can.

It’s not really a secret that almost every media server product on the market currently is a basic PC at its core. With access to the proper parts and proprietary software anyone with some amount technical skills could build one. These proprietary items plus support costs and company markups are what add the extra cost to all commercially available products. If you want buy openly available parts and can put them together yourself why should you pay a premium to have it resold to you?

To learn more about building your own BlueKaos server click here


Why have us build it for you vs. build it yourself?

We have built dozens of these machines in various configurations and sizes, we can do it quickly (<4hrs with parts in hand) and we guarantee that it will work the first time you turn it on.


What you get when we build a BlueKaos DMX Media Server for you:

A consultation to make sure the server is right for your needs.

A complete list of the parts inside the box along with their actual purchase price, we believe in transparency so we will give you the price we paid for the parts at the time of the build.

A completed media server delivered to you that has already been setup and tested.

Additional documentation beyond the hardware and software manuals to decrease the operational learning curve time for new users.

Limited technical support and warranty from us for the first 30 days*


Contact us for more information


*Components may be under warranty longer directly from manufacturer. Support/Warranty does not cover software corruption, viruses, or any damage caused by the end user.



Page last updated March 1, 2017